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1/25 TOON VW T1 pick up cartoon gasser/funny car
For a good reason / por una buena razón...

1/24 AMP HI BEE VW beetle amphibe car
Gone Surfing...

1/24 Bertone Lamborghini Bravo V _·|·¬
70's? I love 80's!

1/24 GEEP CJ7 Raw Metal Jeep Dragster/Gasser/Wheelstander/Funnycar
Crazy like Goat, tired to be like Sheep...

1/24 1976 Tyrrell P34 6 wheeler
#3 Ronnie Peterson (6 wheels better than 4...

1/25 Parade of Modellers Dreamliner Mini Futurliner
Sun&Dream Powered, Power for the Renewable Energy Age...

1/24 1949 VW pre-Type 2 T1a PANZERWAGEN barndoor
Mit Herr Sanzot und Prof. Tournesol (concept by Hergé: Tintin: l'affaire Tournesol)

1/24 70's BeechSter VW Baja Bug
Static display only? Really? ...

1/24 #3 WEE LEE 1934 Morgan Super Sports 3 Wheeler
is it a plane? is it a boat? no! it's a 3 Wheeler Super Sports! one of craziest cars ever made!

1/24 1972 Lotus Elite MK2 typ 75 "Outtatrack" Fuera de Pistas
Stanced Shooting Brake / One of World's most ugly car? Really? ...

1/24 1957 Citroën 2CV Noir & L'Enfant Terrible Tricycle
Low & Slow Snail
+ the most difficult & small one ever made

1/25 Dark Knight VS Bane tank mode tumbler
rust & weathered steel

1/25 Dark Knight VS Joker Batpod eject mode tumbler
worn out steel damaged

1/25 1957 Nuclear Powered Ford Nucleon Concept Car
(Mastered/casted by Robert Burns)

1/24 MOONEYES VW T1 pick up Mr Big Tires Guy
double air-blowed drag racing/wheel stander/funny car

1/25 Supersonic Banana Shaped Landspeed Record Mooneyes Equipped Lakestar
(Scratchbuilt replica based on Victor Demichei's Testors HSO Lakestar Slammer)

1/24 Seat 1500 Taxi Madness (Madrid / Málaga / Barcelona + Prius (


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TOON VW T1 pickup,
Lamborghini Bravo _·|·¬, Peugeot 207 *, AMG A180, GEEP CJ7 jeep, Parade of Modellers Dreamliner Futurliner, #3 Tyrrell P34 6 wheeler, Dragon Ball Capsule Corp. motorbike, VW Golf V TDI, Citroën C15 Correos, Yamaha Tmax500,
Fiat 500 AZUR Costa Azzurra,
BeechSter Baja Bug, PanzerWagen, Fokus, #3 WEE LEE 3 wheeler, Lotus Elite Outtatrack, Citroën 2CV Noir, L'Enfant Terrible , MOONEYES VW T1 pick up Mr Big Tires Guy, Dark Knight VS Bane, Dark Knight VS Joker,
DS23 Presidentielle, Ford Nucleon Concept, Seat Ibiza "Agüelo", Mooneyes Lakestar Banana!, SVX AlcyOne Of A Kind, Adam West Batmobile, Mehari 68 to 70 Match 7 differences, VW T2 Doka Surferwagen by Miguel FT Deburnout Roofrack Madness,
The Dark Knight, Lost World MB 320 ML Scape From Dinosaur, Seat 1500 Taxi Madness, Toujours Coca Cola H, Deora Dareora, Vitamined Vito, 600D Peloto, Tooned-Trio, Jetta Wastemoreland, Jetta Master, RSQ, Méhari Des Landes, RZ/SZ cabrio,
ULV, T CENTURY, HOT ROD BARON, Porsche Carrera 4S, Carrera 4S Custom, Porsche 911 GT3, '36 Coupe DeLuxe Foosed, 207RC Dexira, Corrado Cleaned, Delta HF SnoW-White, 206 Heart-Ace, Ibiza Surfeando, Camaro Ahi-Wailua,
Civic D-Vice,
Thunderbuck, Lan EVO Brian, BMW 635 Nebel, Chevy Ignitio, Golf Edel Herz, Paddy Wagon, NSX Dragoon, Astro Brushed, Delta S4 Izotza, Audi Quattro Weiss, Surfer Mini Cooper, Seat León FR "Luces", Renault Twingo Matillas

350Z GrayFox ClioSport A3 Carolina Hilux Baywatch Golf Calflip Celica Manga Chevelle Fairlady Weezer FleetMaster Woody FlipNose Lil Rod golf IV Hummmmer H2 Hilowx Jetta Jetta DUB Nova LowRider Land Rover Civic R-evive S10 X-treme

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